The House restaurant, Lagos

The House Restaurant is located in Victoria Island Lagos, just as its name implies, the ambiance is built to look exactly like a Nigerian home with all the features of a living room, dining area, Study room, and the rest. Pictures are hunged here and there to give the exact home vibes.

Its dark lights, curtains are closed, cozy and ideal for romantic dates, the dining area is ideal for all kinds of parties involving small groups, be it bridal/baby showers, birthdays, etc. Your go-to restaurant if you’re looking for privacy.

The House restaurant, Lagos

The tables are spacious and the chairs are very comfortable, the parlors are ideal for lounging and hanging out with friends. The restaurant also has an outdoor section and space for a live band.

For customer service, the staff are friendly and well trained in hospitality. But my experience was not a good one, I visited on one of their bad days I believe.

Firstly, the waiting time. It took forever for my meals to be served, on a Sunday; one of your peak days? and by 1:30 pm most of your meals weren’t readily available?!

The House restaurant, Lagos

You have a long processing time and you don’t have a complimentary snack for your guests to munch on while they wait.
I for one was very irritated already at this point, at least serve me my drinks while I wait for the meals, mba (even when I prefer my drinks being served along with my food but I mean it would have helped to while away time)

For the food and drinks, I was extremely disappointed to think this has been the only restaurant I’ve informed that I review restaurants so they should not fall my hands, not only did they do that, my jaw fell too ?.

The House restaurant, Lagos

The rice was kinda dry that I had to request for a sauce so I could eat it.
The proteins weren’t tender and I could tell they were not freshly made because it was served cold, which makes me wonder what then took them so much time to serve?
The fried rice and coconut rice tasted exactly the same.

Pina colada was nothing to write home about, I couldn’t drink mine. I had to give immediate feedback because I wasn’t impressed at all, I went with so many expectations.

I’m very impressed with how they handled my feedback, the famous and sweet Ms. Rose gave me complimentary drinks to take out (you will surely meet her when you visit).

The House restaurant, Lagos

What I had:
Meat platter and Nigerian fried rice 18000
Coconut Rice 3000
Raisin Fried Rice 3000
Pina colada 8000
Virgin Mojito 3000

Additional service charge of 10%

The House restaurant, Lagos


written By: Faithreviews


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The House restaurant, Lagos

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