Mulby mart supermarket, Maitama Abuja

MULBY MART (Pastry & Gelato, Salad Bar and Supermarket)
? 33B, Gana Street, Maitama

Mulbymart is a beautiful premium supermarket on Gana Street. The environment definitely gives abroad vibes. I love their colorful walls and floors, so aesthetically pleasing.

The supermarket has a lot of local and foreign products. There’s a huge space downstairs for sweets and chocolates, meat, fruits and vegetables with a salad and smoothie corner and other consumables.

The space upstairs has their new pastry corner with delicious croissants, ice cream, cakes, parfait, muffins etc, homewares, luxury gift items and toiletries.

They sell delicious pastries there within this price range N600- N2000 and their gelato is N1000 while their ice cream is N900.


Their croissant definitely has my heart and I’ll be going there for more for sure!

Have you been to Mulby mart?

Review By: Hotperidot


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