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I visited Discoverykidsabuja a while ago with my kids and they had a great time.

Discovery kids has an indoor and outdoor space. The indoor features lots of educative games for kids, the toy salon and toy hospital was quite intriguing and also amusing to see. However my kids were more interested in paintings and puzzles.

The outdoor space has a few swings and slides, then a waiting area for parents. You could also order food from Lagos Bistro and you’ll be served there.

Price is 5,000 per child and duration for the indoor is 1hr 30min, comes with loads of educative games while the outdoor is “till day break” 😁.

If you want your kids to only access the outdoor then the fee is 2,500 naira.

It was altogether a beautiful experience for my kids, and a shouting match for me.😭. They played for hours on end and refused to leave. I almost ordered a wheel barrow to wheel them out of the facility.

Have you been to discovery kids? Looking for where to take your little ones to this weekend? Try Discoverykidsabuja

📍7 Hombari street, Wuse 2. Artech district.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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