The Tea Room Lagos

I don’t know why i put off my review of Thetearoomlagos for this long, but here goes; like i said earlier, it’s a quaint little space that i absolutely adore. It does tend to get a bit cluttered when your food comes, and you have to start moving all the cutesy stuff away to make room for the real deal, but it’s two of my favorite things; books & food, so i can’t complain 🤫

My date & I both had the Spaghetti Bolognese which wasn’t really spectacular tbh, it was quite plain tasting and very basic, but it tasted like a homemade meal so it was alright. My spaghetti wasn’t well drained, so there was a bit of spaghetti juice at the bottom of my plate. Sigh.

We had iced coffees to go with the food (can’t find that picture atm, but i’ll dig it up and share soon enough). The staff were very pleasant and don’t actually mind taking pictures of you so be sure to ask. 🤳🏽💑

Thetearoomlagos’s menu is quite fair for the average Lagos restaurant but some of their offerings seemed rather pricey to me idk. Overall, their space is great for beautiful pictures and a romantic date, and i’ll certainly go back in the nearest future, but not for that spaghetti. Maybe i’ll try a burger next time.

Review By: Damiedarling


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