My First Solo Hiking: Through The HillTop Settlement Of Enugu

I recently embarked on a solo hiking adventure, this has been on my bucket list for a very long time but i kept procrastinating, recently the opportunity came and i dived in.

My first day, I decided to hike through Alfred hill and Aaron hill up to European quarters at Ngwo Hilltop. Before i left the house i wasn’t sure where i was going but i know i was going somewhere, against the advice of my friends i took off. i went through pms Enugu, and made my way to alfred hill, i wasn’t familiar with the root so i asked for direction. I didn’t know what to expect but i wasn’t concerned about safety at all, i told myself that whatever i see on my way i will face it head on but i wasn’t expecting to encounter any danger.

Through The HillTop Settlement Of Enugu

Through The HillTop Settlement Of Enugu

Through The HillTop Settlement Of Enugu

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While i walked through Alfred camp, a settlement in alfred hill, i thought the hilltop was just a stone throw but the more a go the more it seemed unending. because there wasn’t any clear part to the hill top i walked through Alfred camp to Aaron hill before making my way to European quarters. Viewing Enugu from there was amazing, the hilltop itself was really beautiful. While i took a shot of the environment, i headed to the residential area, i wanted to explore the neighbourhood as i never knew the place existed before. As i approached the first house i heard someone call out to me, she asked if i was looking for someone and i said no, seeing my camera she asked if i was a photographer i told her yes but not the kind she is thinking about. she invited me over to her house to have a cup of water, when i declined she insisted so i went over. We had a little chat and i found out she is my sister, although am from Awgu and she is from Aninri but we see ourselves as one. while we talked She told me why she had to quiet her work as an event planner and Mc to become a full time stay at home mom and her intention to resume her work now that her kids are grown.

My Little Friend
My Little Friend


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She told me little about the area and how difficult it was for them to come to Enugu even though they are located in Enugu north.

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After our chat, i took a walk around the neaughbooh but the rain started just few minutes after i lelt, i took a shelter at a shop close to family love fm, after the rain, i made my way to Milliken hill road but it was already getting late, i thought of walking down the hill but i have always wanted to experience the road either on a car or bike but doing so, i won’t be able to video the place, luckily for me i saw a motorcyclist who was ready to drive me down the hill but we had a little confrontation with the police when we drove down the hill but it was taken care of. aside that little misunderstanding the experience was memorable, more memorable than i imagined and after that, i couldn’t wait for the next day to come..

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