Ogba Zoo and Nature Park, Edo State

Ogba zoo and nature park which is owned by Edo state government was established in 1965 in the state’s capital Benin city. It contains about 72 animals on 750 acres of land.

Ogba Zoo and Nature Park is one of the Zoos still active in Nigeria. At least they have well fed lions.

On my visit, the park was a beehive of activities with kids on excursion, video vixens doing Tik Tok, pre-wedding photo shoot couples and a club having a picnic. Felt like I was the only one that wasn’t a part of something, so I joined the kids on excursion (afterall I be my mama “Pikin” for real though, my mom calls me Pikin as a pet name.

The entire arrangement of the park was appealing, I wanted to stay longer than I did but my cab was waiting (cos I no wan enter one chance for Benin) and my battery died and I couldn’t snap the lions ? the disappointment got me pained and I had to move on?
Nonetheless, I got some epic pictures for your enjoyment, so, feed your eyes.
I also recommend you visit Ogba Zoo & Nature Park anytime you can, my visit was worth it and my only regret was not charging my phone. ?

Are you an animal lover?
Are you a nature reserve enthusiast?
You will love Ogba Zoo!

The entry fee is N300 per individual

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Written by: Amarachi

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