Masa: One Of Abuja Best Street Food

Eating street food like Masa is one of the things I miss the most right now. And it’s not that I don’t see it in my area but the fear of Rona is the end of long throat ?⁣

Masa, which is made from rice is a common breakfast staple and delicacy in Abuja and most Northern States. It is usually served alongside groundnut soup or Suya. I much prefer it with Suya though or yahji (pepper). ⁣

As much as I love masa and street food, I’m quite careful with where I buy it from. Thus my go to place is this spot behind Prizerite, Asokoro. On a good day the masa is amazing. And there’s a pretty good Suya spot right next to it too. Do you know the place? ⁣

Price: N50 per Masa ⁣

What’s your favorite street food? ⁣

I love Suya, Roasted Yam, Akara and roasted corn as well ?⁣

Source: Abuja Lifestyle




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