Pastry Basket Abuja


Pastry Basket Abuja

Pastrybasket is a very pretty cafe-like restaurant located in Kado. It’s been around for a bit of time now and after my visit today I wondered why I hadn’t stopped by sooner.

First off, the restaurant is a lot bigger than I expected. Yes the space is not exactly huge but for some reason I always thought it to be very small . Meanwhile this cafe can actually seat about 12 people, gotta commend them on a great use of space. The environment is absolutely stunning especially when the lights are on. It’s definitely a very Instagrammable spot and there’s a good abundance of Natural Light. An attention to detail is also very evident in the little decor pieces seen at different corners of this space.

Pastry Basket Abuja

Beef burger N2,200
Fries N800
Ginger Drink N700

I really enjoyed the burger, it was very juicy. Nevertheless it was hard to eat, actually quite messy, the process was not pretty at all ?. The bun was also just a tad bit dry. It was a nice burger though, and for the price I’d order it again but maybe next time I’ll use the knife and fork provided, to actually eat the burger. Btw do you use cutlery to eat your burgers, I found it odd (call me village person). The fries could have been better though, it wasn’t crunchy and the oil used could be changed. It’s fries though, so it’s hard to go completely wrong with it.

Pastry Basket Abuja

As for the drink I absolutely loved the ginger drink. I’d order it again and again! It was the perfect contrast with the food. The presentation was spot on too. I have to mention that everything is very affordable. With a budget of N5k person go chop belleful.

Pastry Basket Abuja

LOCATION: Tatti Plaza, 2nd Avenue, A-Close, Kado, By Kado Round-about) Abuja, Nigeria

Have you been to Pastrybasket ? How was your experience? What did you order?

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