La Taverna, Abuja

La Taverna, Abuja

The last time I visited this restaurant, which was years ago, I broke a glass ?. This time however, thankfully, I went, explored, and every glass was left unbroken ?

@la_taverna_abuja is located on the 5th floor of the Statement Hotel, Central Area.

The ambiance is lovely and I especially love the wall gallery and red accents incorporated in the decor. We had a sangria (on the house), it was very strong. If you’re not one to drink, please tread with caution ?. I’m yet to try the food, but I’m excited to what @chefthabo comes up with, we can trust that it’ll be good!

Ever been to @la_taverna_abuja, how was your experience? What do you think of the space?

La Taverna, Abuja

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