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It had been a long while since we last visited the Yar’adua Center, so we stopped by the other day. The center is actually open to the general public, from the outside it may seem contrary to this but it’s open. Entry is free

The Centre offers an exhibition of the life of one of Nigeria’s foremost leaders, Shehu Musa Yar’Adu against the backdrop of Nigerian history. The exhibition was quite educative actually. We got to see the Nigerian constitution, like the actual one! This in addition to Naira notes from a different time.

There’s also a library at the center! It’s very quiet and cozy. Membership costs N15,000 a year! How affordable is that! This gives you access to the space and books. They have a collection of “serious books”. You know books on leadership, history, politics etc. It’s a cool space to work or study. However, we were told it’s on high demand, so you definitely have to come early to get a space.

The attendants at the Centre are quite welcoming. When we stopped by we met Mr Abraham, a really friendly guy. He gave us a tour of the facility. The Centre is managed by @smyfoundation. The Foundation was established by the friends, family and associates of Shehu Yar’Adua to honour his legacy.

If you’re looking for a lesson on Nigerian history or a quite place to work and read, you should stop by!

LOCATION: One Memorial Drive, Central Business District Abuja, Nigeria from 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday

Source: Abuja Lifestyle

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