Top Places of Interest in Delta State

Delta State is an agrarian and oil producing state in Nigeria. It is situated in the South-South geo-political zone with a population of 4,112,445. The capital city is Asaba, located at the northern end of the state, with an estimated area of 762 square kilometres (294 sq mi), while Warri which is located in the southern end of the state is the economic nerve center of the state and also the most populated.  The state has a total land area of 16,842 square kilometres (6,503 sq mi). There are various solid mineral deposits within the state – industrial clay, silica, lignite, kaolin, tar sand, decorative rocks, limestone, etc. These are raw materials for industries such as brick making, ceramics, bottle manufacturing, glass manufacturing, chemical/insulators production, chalk manufacturing and sanitary wares, decorative stone cutting and quarrying. Delta State is bounded by Edo state to the north, Anambra state to the east, Rivers state to the southeast, Bayelsa state to the south, the Bight of Benin of the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and Ondo state to the northwest.

Below are some of the top places of interest in the state

1. The Mungo park house

which is now the site of the National Museum, Asaba. The house was constructed by the Royal Niger Company (RNC) in 1886 and was used as a colonial administrative headquarters, a military house, the colonial administrative divisional headquarters, the RNC Constabulary building, and the seat of the Urban District Council at different times.

Top Places of Interest in Delta State

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2. River Ethiope Source

River ethiope is reputed to be the deepest inland waterway in Africa (at 176 km). Its source is at the foot of a giant silk-cotton tree at Umuaja in Ukwuani Local Government Area of the state and flows through seven Local Government Areas in the State. It is a place of worship for Olokun traditional religion and also a common site for faithfuls of the Igbe Religious Movement. The River is shared by four local government councils namely Ukwuani, Ethiope East, Okpe and Sapele. The river’s center of attraction is its uniqueness, biodiversity and natural purity, because of the purity of the River, it gives off a false sense of shallowness. Coursing to Sapele through Abraka, river Ethiope become cavernous enough to harbor ocean-going vessels.

Top Places of Interest in Delta State
3. Nelson Mandela Garden
The Nelson Mandela Garden of 95 Trees was established in commemoration of the 95th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela, a world revered icon of freedom, equality and justice.
The garden is located within the Asaba international airport in Delta State and is designed in the shape of the Map of Africa using 95 Trees with each tree representing the 95 years of Nelson Mandela. Outlines of the maps of Nigeria, South Africa and Delta State are clearly delineated with trees within the garden as well as a life size statue of Nelson Mandela. It is a nature resort that offers both tourism and educational provisions for the general public while promoting the values of Nelson Mandela, also known as “Madiba”, which include freedom, equality, inclusivity, and truth.
Top Places of Interest in Delta State
4. Otuogu Beach
Otuogu Beach also known as the Asaba Beach is the major beach in delta state. Otuogu beach is an ideal spot for fun seekers within delta state, the beach attracts visitors and fun seekers from within and outside the state. Apart from swimming, boating, Jet skiing, Windsurfing and Snorkeling, there are other activities that one can engage in the beach. The scenery of the Otuogu beach is is simply beautiful and breathtaking.
Top Places of Interest in Delta State
5. The Araya Bible Site
Located in Isoko South Local Government the Araya Bible site houses a copy of the Holy Bible said to have fallen from Heaven. It is believed that the bible descended to this spot miraculously from heaven around August, 1914. The bible dropped on rain-soaked yam and it didn’t get wet. The site now attracts thousands of Christians yearly.
Top Places of Interest in Delta State
6. Lander Brothers Anchorage, Asaba
Lander Brothers Anchorage, Asaba was built in memory of early British explorers. Located in Asaba the state capital, the complex has a museum, a graveyard, and many artworks and writings. It houses a replica of one of the boats that was used by the brothers. The Lander Brothers Anchorage is one of the most visited place in Asaba for history lovers and knowledge seekers
Top Places of Interest in Delta State

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