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We recently took a tour of Stayatgwarinpa, a lovely boutique hotel with affordable rooms. Coming from the outside, one would honestly not expect that such a hotel existed within.

The rooms are clean, spacious, tastefully decorated and the air smells fresh, new actually. The rooms smell new. Room rates are as follows:

Single Room – N20,000
Standard Room – N22,500
Double Room – N27,500
Studio Suite – N33,500
Executive Suit – N38,500

The major difference across the rooms, is the amount of space and the size of the toilets. Also the size of the parlour. We’d like to see more range in the TV Channels on their cable

Our favorite room was the Executive Suite at N38,500. What we especially loved was the furnishing of the parlour, the blue and green chairs gave the room this lush feel. The toilet was also bigger. Btw all their beds are orthopedic.

Stayatgwarinpa also has a restaurant and bar. The restaurant is very classy, a great spot for date night, and it comes with a lovely tea room, furnished with Asian inspired decor.

We tried some food from the menu:
Jambalaya Rice N5,000
Vegetable Soup N3,000
White Soup N3,500
Gas Meat Chicken, beef, liver

Our favorite was the chicken gas meat, the vegetable soup and the jambalaya rice! The meat was well seasoned and tender. As for the vegetable soup, all we can say is the chef sabi cook and the choice of red oil made the dish!

If you’re looking for a lovely and affordable hotel to lodge in while visiting our city, Stayatgwarinpa is definitely one you should check out! You can also chill at their bar while having gas meat and drinks or stop by their restaurant for some tasty food, the setting is great for date night or business dinners.

LOCATION: House 54. 41 Crescent Off 4th Avenue. Gwarinpa

Source: Abuja Lifestyle

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