Mama Toyin Amala Joint, Arolawun street, onipanu Lagos

MAMA TOYIN AMALA @mamatoyinfood

This is the most popular Amala Joint on the internet! Everybody and their mother seems to have visited already! And we finally made it here! Shoutout to Tolu.og for plugging us all.

And do you know that mama Toyin has been in the amala scene 1971 Omo! How old were you then? Also we can’t help but wonder all the cool people that must have eaten her amala

Mama Toyin Amala Joint

Amala per portion – N200
Assorted Meat/ beef – N100
Goat meat – N1,500
Catfish – N1,500
Fufu – N100
Eba – N100

Mama Toyin Amala Joint

Interestingly, her amala is that it’s served with no gbegiri! They also have other meals such as eba and vegetable soup.

Now while you can they offer dine in, we’d recommend takeout as dinning space is small and usually full.

LOCATION: 47 Arolawun street, onipanu Lagos
Mon – Sat 12pm-9pm

Have you tried Mama Toyin Amala? What do you think?

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