Tensan Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja



Tensah Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja

Nestled in a garden in Area 2, Garki is a snack spot Tensannosh that serves affordable and tasty meals.

I recently checked this place out alongside fellow bloggers and we had a fun time.

Walking into this spot, you’d see multi colored plastic chairs and benches, Art works and paintings on the walls, and lights, the ambiance is definitely better in the evenings.

Tensah Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja

Tensah Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja

Breger Bread Pan N1,500
Samosa/Spring Rolls N1,000
Sharwarma Medium N1,300
Pancakes, baked beans, sausage N1,500
Waffles and Ice Cream N1,500
Parfait N1,500

Tensah Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja

I’ll be honest here, based on the location and vibe I did not have high expectations for the food but I was pleasantly surprised.

Top favorites was the breger pan, this was sorta like a burger made with agege bread. It had fried egg, pieces of meat and sausage. The presentation may not look it but it was tasty! Also enjoyed the pancakes and waffles, this was light and fluffy! Who would have expected breakfast options such as this in a garden! The parfait was also yummy, only wished it had less granola and more yogurt. The spring rolls and samosa was also quite nice, a great deal for the price.

Tensah Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja

We paired the food with Arabian tea, this was nice, it was a little too sugary. I’d recommend that they serve the tea with honey on the side.

Overall Tensannosh gets it right on affordable, tasty meals. The severs are also pleasant. Do check them out.

LOCATION: Zalika Garden, 2 Brass Close Off Plateau Street, Area 2 Garki

Have you been to Tensannosh, what was your experience?

Tensah Nosh Area 2 Garki, Abuja

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