Places To Go For Breakfast in Abuja


This is for all of you in my DMs asking for places to have breakfast in Abuja.

the OG when it comes to breakfast in Abuja! Full English Breakfast costs N4,700. It comes with everything pictured, great value for money! Pancakes were slightly dry last time and eggs felt like something was missing. Nevertheless, they give great value for money. Environment is nice for eating, I prefer dinning on their outdoor balcony seating area.

One spot I discovered last year for breakfast. Their Full English Breakfast costs N4,200, the pancakes at the time I visited were very creamy! The wait time for food can be long though. The space is huge and aesthetically pleasing!

A cozy space to eat and work. They also have WiFi. Their Full English Breakfast costs N4,900. Love that breakfast comes with cream and butter, and a variety of sausages. Coffee is also good.

An online breakfast kitchen that delivers breakfast platters from Life Camp. The box pictured costs N6,500, it can be customized and items can be ordered separately. They also have amazing pancakes! See reels for a detailed review.

This cafe offers breakfast of 3 eggs, two sausages, baked beans or mushroom tomatoe sauce, toast, butter and tea for N3,000. They also have pancakes (known to be amazing) for N2,500. The space is cozy for dinning in and working. This cafe also gives you the option of building your breakfast.

Recently discovered this spot for breakfast. English breakfast cost N4,000 for fried bread, bacon, sausage, mushroom, baked beans with coffee or tea and orange juice. The space is pretty but small and the smell from the kitchen can be quite choking. They do have outdoor seating.

A cute cozy cafe in Kado. Full English Breakfast cost N4,200, it comes with eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoe, mushroom, baked beans and toast.

Click on the restaurant handles for address.

What’s your go-to breakfast spot in Abuja? Been to any of these spots?


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