Brook lounge, Tropic Galleria Abuja

Brook lounge is located at Tropic Galleria beside Grandsquare CBD Abuja. It is a restaurant that serves intercontinental dishes also with a local Nigerian menu.
Visiting Abuja, I experienced a lot of cultural shocks
First is how slow the city is, forgive me but everyone seems Lazy? and uneager to work, Like how can you be resuming a day’s job by 12:30?

Brook lounge, Tropic Galleria Abuja

Went to Brook lounge after church service since it was said to be opened by 10 am. I got there by 11 am and was told the chef isn’t around and will not resume until 12, I was like; wait so the chef will resume by 12 and start cooking when?? I just used the opportunity to sightsee the galleria.

My brothers and sisters, guess who wasn’t still attended to by 1 pm?
I won’t blame them tho, they are probably not used to receiving guests that early ?

Brook lounge, Tropic Galleria Abuja

The ambiance is great for relaxing with accustomed friends and all white lunch/dinner party but the chairs are heavy to move around, had to use all my strength to move the chair so I can sit/stand up. The chairs are not comfortable for eating (lounging chairs), I was sitting at the edge and my back was aching cos there was no napkin to cover my body. The tables seem to be made of marble which is nice. Also, no bags/purse stool had to put my bag on the floor ?

Oh my! The floor! It’s a wooden floor that is so annoying!! As you walk the noise from your shoe hitting the floor might make people turn and look in your direction? so you have to tiptoe.

Brook lounge, Tropic Galleria Abuja

The restaurant lighting for pictures is terrible ?, well Abuja lighting generally ain’t great for pictures in my experience or maybe my camera was still adjusting to their weather?

Also, love the way mirrors are hung in every corner and all types of artifacts. I don’t know the type of air-freshener they sprayed but It kept me sneezing back to back ?

For the food, one thing I noticed about Abuja is that they love SUGAR! They put sugar in everything. The food was just there, they have a lot going on in their menu, I feel they should concentrate on a particular type of dish and not try to do it all.

Brook lounge, Tropic Galleria Abuja

My virgin mojito was just tasting sugary and why is there a full plantation on my virgin mojito?

My chicken corn soup was just there, don’t like the fact my sweetcorn was blended, and don’t know why it was tasting like there is curry in it. My steak wasn’t well done at all, had to tell them to re-cook it, even after that nko?

I Will give this restaurant 4/10

20k for a 3-course meal for 1person

You can also go for a buffet that ranges from 12k-18k

Brook lounge, Tropic Galleria Abuja

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