5 Reasons Why You should Visit Abstract Ikoyi


I don’t think I would get tired of letting people know about this place cos it’s all shades of beautiful every week, from the entrance, the art works are captivating, for every week, it’s a new set on display, you’re already interested in knowing what the restaurant has to offer, it’s not just a restaurant, you’re coming to have an experience.

If you leave me, I fit type book for here but here’s my top 5 reasons why you should visit abstract this December;

1. PRICE: this is the number one thing people think of before visiting a restaurant and I can assure you that this restaurant is not out to destroy your pocket, rather they are out to give you a memorable experience at a pocket friendly price.

2. VALUE FOR MONEY (QUALITY): complete value for money spent is assured. You would be amazed at what your 10k or 20k budget can get you here, go and testify.

3. QUANTITY: you know how growing up, your mum would heap the food so that you would have enough to eat, that’s the way it is with abstract. A main dish & a cocktail or glass of juice would satisfy you like you ate eba, no cap!

4. AMBIANCE: i can practically live in their restaurant space cos it’s so cozy and welcoming, feels almost like you’re at home having lunch or dinner when you dine here and with the abstract paintings & sculptures around, you just have a lot to keep you busy here.

5. CUSTOMER SERVICE: the manager of this place and her team know their job, no doubt. They are always ready to learn and take corrections immediately, they accept all feedbacks and reviews with a mind to learn and be better (not those ones that will send their workers with burner accounts to come under your comment section and troll you for saying you had a bad experience at their restaurant)

If With These Few Points Of Mine, I haven’t Been Able To Still Convince You To Visit Abstractikoyi then no wahala, go to where they would bounce you ontop your own money 🌚

Written By: Paulkezu


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