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We took a trip to the Thehouselagos  and it’s quite aptly named. It was a bit tough getting pictures cos it was super dark but the trade-off for the comfort of our room was certainly worth it and of course Michelle.nkamigbo   was there to assist with the lighting ?

First slide was the best- the grilled jerk chicken?Made up of coconut rice, spicy Jamaican jerk chicken with grilled plantain. Actually loved the plantain was whole (petition for us to always call plantain dodo btw). Also they had this sauce mix that was like a mix if ketchup and other things we couldn’t place. It was so so good; forgot to ask what it was made of. We’d definitely recommend you have this. ??

Second slide was the peppered turkey with smoky jollof. This was basically just regular jollof rice and turkey. It wasn’t bad at all tho, was solid but we weren’t wowed. ??‍♂️

Third slide: Lagos restaurant’s best friend- beef sliders. Seriously, can’t remember anyone who’s completely whiffed on this?. Also considering the price, we definitely felt this was great value. Generally Thehouselagos has great pricing it must be said.

Fourth and fifth slides are the Oreo milkshake ?and Cosmopolitan ?. Cosmopolitan was a little bit flat though (couldn’t quite place what was wrong).

All in all, Thehouselagos is definitely worth a visit. We love how warm and comfy the ambience was. You could literally doze off if you’re not careful ?. Really lovely staff as well. There was a mix up with our order but they didn’t even give it a second thought to correct the mistake…lovely to see❤

?: Thehouselagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit ✅ ??

Beef Sliders- 3,500
Grilled Jerk Chicken- 7,500
Peppered Turkey with Smoky Jollof- 6,500
Oreos Milkshake- 3,000
Cosmopolitan- 3,500

*VAT inclusive (yay ??)

Reviews By: Onijekuje

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