Cilantro Abuja


Indian restaurants are such a gem tbh, especially when they hit the spot. Excellent value and great tasting food.  Cilantroabuja might just be up there with the very best we’ve had of any both in Lagos and Abuja. Don’t make the mistake of stopping at the gate though, cos that’ll be a long ass walk for you.

Cilantro Abuja

We had the Mozzarella cheese Naan to start off with and I just can’t explain how much better this is than ordinary Naan. Maybe I just love love anything Mozzarella based but this was so good it felt like cheating.😩🥺

Then we had my star of the show, the Chicken Tikka Masala with steamed basmati rice. Maybe I already have an existing bias with tikka masala (one of my fav meals ever) but this was excellent. Hit all the right spots🔥👌🏽

Cilantro Abuja

Only real downsides were the drinks which were really meh and the biryani which kind of felt a lil chewy but was still at least a B+. I’ll advise you skip the drinks though. Maybe push it to dessert or something else. Didn’t seem to be worth it 😖

Customer service was a tad slow but they seemed to have a lot of customers so seemed like a really busy day. Maybe we just give them a pass on that. Not good enough of a service for a tip though, so we just give them three gbosa🌚

All in all, still a really great experience and we strongly urge you to check them out.

Cilantro Abuja

📍: Cilantroabuja
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit✅👌🏽

Mozzarella Cheese Naan (2 pcs)- 1,600
Awesome Apple Cane- 1,800
Strawberry Cane- 1,800
Steamed Basmati Rice- 2,400
Chicken Tikka Masala- 3,000
Tandoori Chicken- 3,500
Chicken Biryani- 3,800

Cilantro Abuja

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