Lists of Major Markets In Enugu

Enugu is a state in South Eastern Nigeria, although the state is mostly seen and referred to as a civil servant state, but as one of the states in south eastern Nigeria, a region known for commerce and industry, Enugu is home to some of the major markets in the country.

Here is a list providing the markets in Enugu.

  1. Ogbete Main Market
  2. Aria New Market
  3. Old Artisan Market
  4. New Artisan Market
  5. Odegba Fruit Market
  6. Akwata Market
  7. Gariki Market
  8. Abakpa Market
  9. Eke Emene Market
  10. Orie Emene Market
  11. Timber Market kenyatta
  12. New Haven Market
  13. Afia Nine Market
  14. Building Material Market Abakpa
  15. Mayor Market
  16. Coal Camp Auto Parts Market

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