Things To Do In Abuja This October

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1. Enjoy a staycation at Fourpalmsresidence They also have a restaurant and bar that’s open to the public. Food price ranges from 1800- 6000. Cocktails are about 4K.

Things To Do In Abuja This October

2. Skating and Vr Gaming at the new skating rink Therink_arena Prices range between N1500- N3000.

Things To Do In Abuja This October

3. Paintball at Bush fighters Arena in Centralparkabuja ADULT:N8,500 [200 pellet + Kit]
CHILD:N8,000 [200 pellet + Kit]

10 Things To Do At Central Park Abuja

4. Tasty.grillsinabuja sells one of the best fish in Abuja. Really delicious. They do pick up and delivery.

Mogadishu Barracks: Most Popular Fish Place in Abuja

5. The Jetski and Boat Cruise at Jabiboatclub Jet-skiing is N10000 for 15mins(can be shared between two people 8-7mins)

Things To Do In Abuja This October

6. Nostacafe is my favorite place for iced Frappes and ice cream. Ice frappes are N2500 and their ice cream N1000 per scoop.

Top Ice Cream Places in Abuja to visit

7. For one of the best sharwama spots in Abuja, The_hotstop is a great spot. They have small(1400), medium(1600)and large (1900). They also deliver.

Things To Do In Abuja This October

8. Book lovers that need an escape, Spine_and_label has enough space for that. It’s one of the biggest book stores in Abuja. You can also try Rovingheights Adamspages Novels_books_collection For kids, Tabithaskids is one of the best.

Things To Do In Abuja This October

9. is an experience like no other. So many things that were not shown in the post about this place so as not to ruin the experience. It’s N6000.

Things To Do In Abuja This October

10. There are some nice spots to enjoy facials and massages that leave you feeling refreshed. Self care is everything. Thespabarbyaley Skintherapybeautyandspa Dfsorganics Gileadbeautysalonandspa Beautysecretsmedspa Check out the pages for prices.
Things To Do In Abuja This October

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