Things to do in Akure

Akure is a city in south-western Nigeria and is the largest city and capital of Ondo State, The city had a population of 484,798 according to 2006 population census.  There are also large group of Igbo people as well as Hausa communities, especially in Sabo and Shasha areas. The city is quite one of the most peaceful places to live in and visit in Nigeria. Akure is also known as the trade center for a farming region where cocoa, yams, cassava, corn and tobacco are grown. Cotton is also grown and used to weave cloth.

There are things to also do in Akure which are

1. Egungun Festival

Egungun festival is a masquerade festival that has become popular in the western part of Nigeria. It is said that the spirits of the dead come out as these masquerades to entertain the natives. This is one of the festivals to look out for while in Akure. If you are lucky to see this festival, you will be able to get the best of a rich African culture.

2. Igbo Olodumare

This place is located at Oke Igbo, it has an evergreen forest that is beautiful and thick. You can have a picnic and generally do other fun things here. If you`re a lover of tourism, this place is ideal for you to visit and take nice pictures as well as admire nature.

3. Signature Club

This here is for lovers of fun, enjoyment, and nightlife, Signature Club is the place to be. Its located at Alagbaka G.R.A where there are also several hotels for rest. The club has a lounge, bar, open and parking spaces. It plays host to live band performances by musicians, especially during the weekends.

4. The Dome International Event Center Akure

This is located very close to Akure Shoprite along Igbatoro road. It is an event center that has hosted professional bodies such as engineers in Nigeria, induction of commissioners in the state, and top social events. The Dome is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces you would see in the city.


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