Milano Pizza Lagos

Who is the KING OF PIZZA in LAGOS?
– Domino’s Pizza
– Dodo Pizza
– Debonair Pizza
– Milano Pizza
– Pizza Hut
– Panarottis Pizza

Milano Pizza Lagos

It’s a long list but these are my favorite to go to, but even in these ones I selected there’s one there that still needs proper schooling… Who can guess?

I visited Milanopizzalagos and I went in with low expectations from them as I know that they are there but not there there on my top pizza spot chart but to my greatest surprise it was worth every bite.

I ordered:


Milano Pizza Lagos


PRESENTATION: lovely space, beautiful decor, lovely aesthetics, they had this mini wine stand, service was really good, wait time was not so long, I was impressed ?

The BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA was the highlight for me, although I wanted the PEPPERONI PIZZA just cos I wanted to know how theirs would taste. I got thin crust tho, I don’t like thin crust, but I didn’t specify so that’s on me.

Was the taste of the pizza awesome?

Milano Pizza Lagos

Yes it was, the BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA was attractive , juicy and really tasty, and it’s not just about the BBQ SAUCE but the whole condiments that make up the pizza. I loved how cheesy the PEPPERONI PIZZA was, it wasn’t the best PEPPERONI PIZZA I have tasted but the taste was nice and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Would I recommend this spot for you to try?
Yes, I will cos they are far far better than a lot of pizza spots I know and they are serving quality pizza and have a great customer service also .

But back to the main question of today, from my list above, WHO IS THE KING OF PIZZA in LAGOS

Review By: Paulkezu


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