Things To Note Before Going To Almat Farms

? in a far, far, far, farrrr away Kuje, Abuja

Almatfarms is a very beautiful getaway spot in Kuje. While the drive to the farm is longggggg, the place is totally worth the drive. It’s a really amazing place to spend quality time with your family and friends.

It’s a very relaxing and serene agricultural-style resort with green houses for growing vegetables, a petting zoo, a stable with Sudanese horses and ponies(first time seeing one in real life), lawn tennis court, swimming pool, modern and traditional Chalets for those sleeping over, a restaurant and several activities for tourists to enjoy their stay like the Quad bike rides, Polo, Archery, Camel rides etc

Here are things to note before you go:

1. Entrance Fee: N2150 (Adults) and N537 (per child above 3)

2. Daily tour is 10am, 12pm, 2pm. It’s been to come with the sun is out to enjoy all the activities and tour and get some really great pictures.

3. They don’t allow food or drinks. They have a restaurant though so you can always buy.

4. It’s a long tour around the farm so it will be wise to come in your most comfortable clothes.

5. While the tour is just N2150 per adult, their activities are not cheap! They range from 3k-20k per activity.

6. They have modern or traditional chalets for those that want to spend the weekend or even longer. Price range (N38,000 to 107k)

7. If you’ve ever wanted to experience outdoor camping with the tent and fire and the works they also do that here for N15,000.

The place that caught my eye was the beautiful Amphi theater ? I’ll show you in my next post! The colors and the lanterns ??

Almat Farms is truly an amazing experience! I definitely recommend for everyone.

Written By: Hotperidot

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  • Diana nana

    Great Job…
    Thanks for sharing this amazing destination.


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