Tulip Bistro Abuja

Tulip Bistro:

Took a trip to the newly renovated and refurbished Tulip_bistro as e dey hot🔥.

Started off with the Chicken Louisiana. Penne pasta gently cooked in a rich spicy tomato and creamy mushroom sauce topped with parmesan, basil and grilled chicken. This definitely is one of the better pasta meals we’ve had in Abuja❤

Tulip Bistro Abuja

Third slide is the Seafood pasta- pasta tossed in your choice cream or tomato sauce topped with asparagus and parmesan, made with shrimps and their catch of the day fish🦈

Dessert was their chocolate mousse🍫 which was a proper slice of happiness

Tulip Bistro Abuja

The customer service was so so good💯
The manager was a proper intentional man regularly going from table to table to check on everyone.

All in all, Tulip_bistro is definitely one of the better experiences we’ve had in Abuja and we definitely recommend

📍: Tulip_bistro
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit✅👌🏽

Tulip Bistro Abuja

Sujuk Balls- 3,800
Virgin Colada- 3,000
Chicken Louisiana- 8,500
Seafood pasta- 10,000
Chocolate Mousse- 5,000

Tulip Bistro Abuja

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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