Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

Are you a lover of tourism, an adventure seeker, are you looking for a group to go on hike with, Hangout, Tour, Explore or Camp with? Although there are tens and hundreds of groups across the country who shares the same interest but they are few of them that are active and dedicated. Most of these group might be based in Abuja but they explore and promote tourism across Nigeria.

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Below are some of the most active and vibrant.

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Naija Adventurers:

Naija Adventurers is an outdoor group that promotes local tourism through hiking, fitness, travels and networking. The Group which is based in Abuja is one of the largest and most vibrant group in the city. Although the group is based in Abuja, there actives goes beyond Abuja. Naija Adventurers help you discover your backyard and appreciates the tourism potentials in Nigeria.  You can connect with Naija Adventurers if you wish to join them via: Phone:    +2348053229771  Instagram:

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

Tha Outdoor Tribe:

Tha Outdoor Tribe is a group of people with the mutual zeal for exploring the outdoors as a means of recreation and exercise, exploring the natural terrains of the city, interacting with each other and nature in the best sustainable way possible, encouraging ecotourism and social responsibility. Tha Outdoor Trib Activities Include Hiking, Running, Cycling, Rock Climbing & Abseiling, Cardio Challenges, Canoeing, Archery and Paintball Up In The Hills. You can connect with Tha Outdoor Tribe if you wish to join them via:  Phone: +2348099264254  Phone:+2348062116710  Phone: +2348035751215  Instagram:

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Monsta Tribe:

Monsta Tribe meaning M: Movement for the Obliteration of N: Negativity, S: Stereotypes, T: Tribalism and A: Acrimony is an Abuja & Lagos based community poised to tell the Nigerian story from their own perspective, create an avid passion for local tourism which in turn enhances patriotism, the spirit of oneness and creates a positive brand identity for Nigeria. The group embark on lifestyle oriented adventures and activities while also giving back to society, engaging in causes and awareness drives. To Join The Monsta Tribe, you can reach them via: Phone: +2348023103967  Instagram:

Happy Trials Network:

Happy Trials Network is a community of fitness and health enthusiast with intend of exploring and showcasing the vast tourism potentials within Nigerian. Happy Trials Network is one of Abuja most vibrant and active community, the group activities are mainly on every last Saturday of the month. You can connect with Happy Trials Network if you wish to join them via: Instagram:

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

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Hike Nations:

Hike Nations is a community of like minded individuals focused on hiking adventure, travel, tours, career and self development programs. Hike Nation is one of the most active and vibrant hiking community in Abuja. To Join the groups next Adventure, You can connect with them via: Instagram:

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

The Movement:

The movement team is Enugu most popular and most engaged outdoor Adventure group with the aim of touring and discovering all the known and unknown tourism potentials in Enugu, south east and Nigeria art large, there activities includes Hiking, exploring, camping, picnicking, pool and beach park. The Movement team is the most fun team to be with. You can follow the group on Twitter Via: #TheMovement


Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

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Too Good Adventure Group:

Too Good adventure Group is one of Abuja most Active group, the group prides itself as the most vibrant community in Abuja. This Group of adventure Lovers are made up of enthusiastic and energetic members. With too good Group, the fun never stops, the group organises activities almost all weekend ranging from Hiking, Hangout, camping, Picnic, Party and travel. The Idea is to hike and tour as many state as possible in Nigeria. You can follow the group on Instagram Via:

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

The Hikers trial and Tours:

The Hikers Trail and Tour are one of the most active outdoor group in Nigeria, based in Enugu, this group of tourism lovers, adventure seekers and hike enthusiast are one to look out for when ever in the city of Enugu, there activities covers most of the state in south eastern Nigeria, with hikers trail and tour, your are sure of a good and fun filled time. To Keep in touch and know about there next adventure. You can follow them on Twitter Via:

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

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Elite Hikers:

A community of  Nature lovers, fun and adventure seekers. Elite Hikers is a small group of intermediate hikers who enjoy hiking. The Elite Hikers are based in Abuja and usually Hikes once or twice in a month. Looking for a small but active group to go on a hike with, Elite Hikers is one to consider. You can connect with Elite Hikers if you wish to join them via: Phone: +234906 000 1130 Twitter:  Instagram:

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group

Enugu Local Guides:

You might be wondering why the Name Local Guide, Well, Local Guide are a group of volunteers who share reviews, photos and knowledge about places around them on google in other to help and inform millions in their community and the world. The Enugu Local Guide team might not be the largest local Guide community in Nigeria but they are made of like minded individual with a sense of community. The team activities includes Hiking, Geo walk, Map editing tour and hangout. Although these activities are randomly hosted my members of the team with approval from google but the attendance isn’t restricted as anyone is free to join the team. The Group does’t have a their own Instagram or twitter account but you can follow Ou Travel and Tour via twitter or Instagram: To get updates on the group activities or request to join their telegram or WhatsApp group.

Top 10 Nigeria Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group


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