Tree House Grill, Lagos


Treehousegrill is one of those few places where we’ve been absolutely blown away by the space. It’s such a pretty outdoor space and when the weather is good and sunny, quite serene. Clean air, nice sunshine, warm breeze wafting all around you- its up there with any outdoor space you can go to.

Tree House Grill, Lagos

We had a quick meal. The duo platter made up of a mini burger, midi prawns and beef suya. For the price, I guess we shouldn’t have too many high expectations and the food itself was flat. Burger had a really dry bun and nothing was remarkable about the suya or the mid(i) prawns🥲

The Arabian tea however was excellent and we think on our next visit, we’ll delve more into their other options. We’re not sure which type of Arabic tea this exactly was but it seemed close to mint and it was great. Fully recommend and cheap. You can have several pots. 🍵

Tree House Grill, Lagos

Apparently Arabic tea is considered to be a healthy drink largely because boiling water kills off most of the bacteria and viruses that would otherwise cause sickness so…more yayy we guess? 🤔😂

All that been said, we think @ is a great place to take a small crowd like a family or group of friends on a Sunday due to the magnificent space (no exaggeration, the space is quite elite). The food won’t leave you in awe but it should be passable enough to make the visit worth it.

Tree House Grill, Lagos

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Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit (mostly for the space)✅️

Duo Platter- 3500
Arabian Tea- 1000

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