Top 5 Places of Interest in Taraba state

Taraba is a state in North Eastern Nigeria, Taraba was carved out of the defunct Gongola State on August 27th, 1991. The State derives its name from River Taraba, one of the three major rivers in  the state and covers a land area of 59,400 square kilometres. is bounded by Bauchi and Gombe and Adamawa States in the north-east, and by Plateau State in the north-central. The state is further bounded to the north central by both Nasarawa and Benue States, while it shares an international boundary with the Republic of Cameroun to the south and south-east. Taraba State has a lot of tourist attractions ranging from Hill, rock formations and waterfalls.

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Below are the top 5 places of interest in the state

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1. Mambilla Plateau: The Mambilla Plateau is a plateau in Gembu, Sardauna L.G.A of Taraba State, Nigeria. The Mambilla Plateau is about 1,600 metres above sea level and arguably the highest mountain points in Nigeria. The Mambilla is Nigeria’s northern continuation of the Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon. Mambilla plateau is comparatively cold. Daytime temperatures hardly ever exceed 25 °C (77.0 °F) making it the coolest region in Nigeria. Mambilla is also home to the Mambilla tea plantations, Located In Kakara town of the state.

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2. Barup Waterfalls: Barup waterfall is the most popular waterfall in Taraba state and one one the most popular attraction in the state, it is located in Gembu area of the state, within the Gashaka-Gumti national park. Barup waterfall is a sight to behold as it plays host to thousands of visitors every year. The barup waterfall and its environs is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

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3. Gashaka-Gumti National Park: Gashaka-Gumti is a national park in Nigeria, Gashaka-Gumti National Park is located in the mountainous region of north-eastern Nigeria adjacent to the international border with Cameroon, towards the north of Mambilla Plateau covering a total area of 6,731 both in Adamawa and Taraba States, the Park is contiguous with Faro and Tchabal Mbado National Parks in the Republic of Cameroon. Gashaka-Gumti Park experiences varying pleasant weather conditions, depending on one’s location within the Park. These range from tropical dry humid, tropical moist humid in the lowlands to sub tropical highland weather on the high plateau around Chappal waddi, Sabere and Fillinga.

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4. Bitako Hills and Rock Formations: Located in Zing Local Government Area of Taraba State. The Bitako Hills is a sprawling rock formation situated in Zing, and the sight as well as the spread of the formations is enchanting to both natives and visitors alike. The Bitako Hills is a beautiful place with amazing and breathtaking rock formation, The Bitako Hills is an ideal and perfect place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is one of the must see tourist attraction in Taraba state.

5. Donga river basin forests: The Donga river basin forests are located on the slopes and at the foot of the Mambilla Plateau, south-west of Gashaka-Gumti National Park. The area is lowland forest beside the Donga river, south of Buru village and about 10 km from the border with Cameroon. The terrain is hilly and rocky and houses over 190 bird species, Dominant tree species include Brachystegia sp, Khaya grandifoliola, Erythrophleum guineensis, Tetrapleura tetraptera, Pterygota macrocarpa, Cleistopholis patens and Garcinia kola. Amongst the many species of lianas present are Entada pursaetha, Laccosperma opacum and Piper guineense. Rainfall is heavy and persistent due to the influence of the neighboring Mambilla Plateau and the Cameroon mountains. Donga river basin forests include Baissa, Amboi and Bissaula River Forest Reserves as well as some areas of unprotected forests near the villages of Akwabe and Akoforo.
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