Tour Of Tukur Tukur Snake Farm


It went down today at our group tour of the Snake Farm and Zimbabwe and it was amazing!

On the farm we saw animals such as baboons, chimpanzee, horses, ostriches, camels, snakes and more snakes! There were a lot of brave people on this trip o. Everyone was willing and ready to take pictures with a live python, these guys did not fall hand at all! I was impressed and gingered to join in. Hey nothing like motivation from a group.

We also stopped by Zimbabwe for palm wine, antelope, grass cutter (bush meat) and alligator! It was amazing to see how adventurous everyone was! It was then back to Central Area, in time to beat the traffic on this route

Overall today was lit! These locations are spots I definitely recommend. See previous posts for more details on them ?

The Snake Farm is about a 40 minute drive from Central Area Abuja, it’s located along the Abuja-Keffi Expressway, after Living Faith Goshen. Google Maps Tukur Tukur Farms

Btw myself and Waka_waka_nnenna are still taking private group tours here. Also we realized a lot of you couldn’t make it due to Ramadan, we’ve got you. Stay tuned for another tour (perhaps somewhere else) coming soon.

Have you been to the Snake Farm or Zimbabwe, how was it ??

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