Trip to Obudu Mountain Resort

My Story

Ofcourse I had great expectations for Obudu, and my excitement on this trip was on a 100% not sure why. ?
Obudu didn’t quench my fire one bit, instead it ignited it more with a welcoming, friendly and hospitable atmosphere, a tour guide that was sent from heaven cos he was my dedicated photographer, videographer, cinematographer and most especially guider* his name is *DECLAN* (ask of him and patronize him). ?

The Cold
Oh my World the cold! I expected it but I still wasn’t prepared for it ?
Although there was a heater in the room you need to prepare adequately especially if you have low tolerance for cold.
The climate of the Obudu Cattle Ranch is semi-temperate mountain climate, which is the general weather condition experienced on the Obudu Plateau due to its 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) elevation. -Wikipedia
Fun Fact: in addition to the cold weather, Obudu cattle ranch is the only place in Nigeria where snow falls. (Google says so)?

Budget Tips
1. Trips are better done in groups.
2. Negotiation is a key attribute for tourists on a budget.
3. The cost of Accommodation on the resort might not be affordable for a budget traveller but Tip 1 can reduce that burden.
4. Whatever you do stay in the resort accommodation, you will have a better experience with less stress, people’s solution to Tip 3 is usually to stay in town and commute to and fro the resort, I don’t advice it.

Fun fact: Do you know that Obudu Mountain Resort (formerly known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch) was developed in 1951 by M. McCaughley, a Scot who first explored the mountain ranges in 1949? Now you know!?

Obudu Tips
1. Weather: do a weather check and prepare accordingly. Mostly a semi temperate mountain climate, will be relatively cold.
2. Food: travel with your snacks or food supply alternatives.
3. Prepare to dive into the waterfall pool, so pack a swim suit
4. The tour involves a lot of hiking so get comfortable shoes and clothes.
5. Get the timing for the generator service and charge your gadgets well (They don’t expect you to lounge in your room when they’ve fabulous activities outside, so light and water might fluctuate during the day)? Also carry power banks for phones cos there is a lot of capturing to be done ?
6. Visits are best in the festive season as there will be lots of festivities (just like every tourist destination), also note that costs of everything goes up, so book before time (also to secure space) or plan your trip and save.
However, if you want to enjoy a calm and recreating vacation, you should choose any month apart from those when there are the Nigerian festivals, that is December till February.
7. Stay hydrated! Keep your energy up (sweets or gums)!

Trip to Obudu Mountain Resort

The Experience
I will let the pictures tell the story of my experience of the:
1. Holy Mountain
2. Grotto Waterfall
3. Cataract View
4. Facilities Tour i. Presidential Villa ii. Mountain Villa etc.
5. Becheeve Nature Reserve
6. Canopy Walk
7. Intestine Roadview
8. Horse Back Ride
9. Cable Car Watch

1. Is Obudu Mountain Resort on your bucket list?
2. Have you crossed it out? If yes how was your experience?
3. Will you visit again?

Written by: Amarachi

You can follow  Amara on instagram by clicking on the link. Amarachi


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