Tribe Afrik Restaurant, Maitama Abuja

? 16 Cassandra Street, Maitama

Tribeafrikabuja is an African and Intercontinental restaurant. It’s a really large space that has an indoor fine dining area(10am – 12pm), an Amala village that serves local dishes(9am- 11pm), an outdoor bar and lounge area called Tribe Island (opens from 12pm), a pool area(swimming is 2,000) and a guest house.

The ambiance of the whole space is very lovely. From the colorful murals on n the wall, the beautiful fountain, the pretty bathroom(for all my ladies that love “Instagrammable bathrooms” and the elegant fine dining area.

It’s perfect for a chilled night out, dates, friends and family hangout. The space is really large for those kinda things.

The service here is amazing and the meals are delicious! Will share what I had soon.

Who’s been to Tribe Afrik? What was your experience like?

written By: Hotperidot


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