Ugbo Odogwu, Trans Ekulu, Enugu

Ugbo Odogwu, Meaning ”Odogwu’s farm” is one of the oldest settlement in Enugu, Located in Trans-Ekulu Enugu, Enugu north local government area of Enugu state.

Ugbo Odogwu is purely a residential neighborhood, for both low and middle class people. The neighbourhood which used to be a farm settlement was named after Odogwu, one of the first settler in the area. Ugbo odogwu is turning out to be one of the most urbanized farm settlement within the coal city.

Ugbo Odogwu

Ugbo Odogwu is one of the hill top settlement in Enugu as some of the residents of Ugbo Odogwu lives at the foot of the hill while most of them lives on top of the hill.

Ugbo Odogwu Enugu

Ugbo Odogwu, Trans Ekulu Enugu

Ugbo odogwu can be accessed through the Phase 6 road, Ugbo owa Road, Enugu Onitsha expressway or through Agu Abor.

Ugbo Odogwu Enugu

Although the residents of Ugbo Odogwu can easily access most market and shopping complex in the city of Enugu, the only and major market in Ugbo Odogwu is the food market in the neighborhood ” Ugbo Odogwu Market”.



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