Newton’s Bar & Restaurant Maitama

I stopped by this spot for lunch with a friend last week and I guess you could say I have mixed feelings.

First of this place is gorgeous! So aesthetically pleasing and very instagramable! I loved the vibe, the air and the decor. Also loved how the interior and exterior offer different looks.

The staff were friendly and warm. Once we sat down, the waitress attended to us. It is worth noting that we were one of two pairs there, it was a less busy afternoon. Though our attendant smiled as she took our orders.

I ordered the light battered fish fillet, it came with fries and coleslaw at N4,000. Asides from a burger at N3,500 and pancakes for about N2,500, what I ordered was one of the more affordable options on the menu. And it wasn’t worth it ?, this is where the mixed feelings stem from. Lookout for the next post for more of my thoughts on the food.

This food, a lightly battered fish fillet with fries and coleslaw, tasted as good as it looked, which was not great.

One would have expected the fish to be crunchy on the outside but nope! Rather it was quite oily and the batter a little soggy ?

For N4,000, I expected better, both in the portions and taste. I do not recommend. The fries were good though but then again it’s fries so…

However, this spot is a beautiful place but based on the food I had, I honestly have mixed feelings. I’m still hopeful that other options on the menu will be much better. I’m not sure I’d visit again though.

Location: 27a Pope John Paul Street, Maitama, off Gana Street.

Ever been to Newtonsrestaurantandbar, what was your experience? What did you order?

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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