Reserve Restaurant, Karimu Kotun VI Lagos

This restaurant is a hidden gem guys and I couldn’t be happier for uncovering! I’m still stunned at how I didn’t visit Reserve Restaurant before now ?.

Reserve Restaurant, Karimu Kotun VI Lagos

Firstly the restaurant is coded and you can even drive past as they intentionally didn’t keep a sign (Reserve Restaurant- get it ?)- I don’t want to give you people ideas (sugar daddy and mummy things ??) but yeah this is where the wealthy and private people in Lagos go to enjoy African cuisines. I love what they did with the space, there’s a restaurant, patio, lounge and even private meeting rooms.
Please don’t get scared on prices because I added wealthy biko, their meals are affordable and great value for money.

Reserve Restaurant, Karimu Kotun VI Lagos

Now let’s talk more about the meals, we had Ofe Nsala, Banga soup and poundo, Seafood Pasta, Nkwobi and the Reserve special platter. All meals tasted decent but I’ll highlight those that bursted my tastebuds ???

Whoever discovered this Seafood Pasta Recipe deserves a Bentley ? cause mehnnnn it was so good! I couldn’t fault it, texture perfect, seasoning perfect, portion great. What more could a pasta lover want ??

Reserve Restaurant, Karimu Kotun VI Lagos

The Ofe Nsala took me on a trip to the south, I want to eat it all over again. Tasted homemade and just right.
The Reserve special platter….just look at it and tell me you don’t like what you see, it banged!

The service was lovely, the ambience was just right and relaxing. So comfortable that we had to remind ourselves that we couldn’t sleep there ???

Reserve Restaurant, Karimu Kotun VI Lagos

I had a great time here and I proudly recommend ?? (emphasis on the PROUDLY)

BTW I have the best news guys! Stay tuned for my post ???

Price deets:

Seafood spaghetti – N5,500
Nkwobi – N2,500
Banga and beef – N3000
White soup with goat meat – N3400
Reserve special platter – Price varies depending on the price

Reserve Restaurant, Karimu Kotun VI Lagos

Review By: Bellaexplores


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