Whitneys Fnc: Best Place For Small Chops In Abuja


Let’s get into this detailed review! Whitneys_fnc makes really good small chops but that’s not all, their pizza is even better. At our picnic yesterday we had goodies from this food vendor and everyone was happy.

Small Chops Platter N6,000
Spicy Beef Pizza N3,000

The pizza was surprisingly everyone’s top favorite. I was honestly skeptical about the pizza initially but it was really good! The pizza was so flavorful, the cheese very evident and the sauce well seasoned. To think we actually had the pizza when it was cold and all these flavors were still very strong.

The small chops platter is amazing value for money! Top highlights in the platter was the plantain balls, they were so sweet. The samosa was well seasoned and the shell crunchy. The beef was also very flavorful, I wish it was more tender though but I loved how it was spiced.

Their service was also very pleasant, and the food was ready at the requested time. If you have a picnic or party coming up, Whitneys_fnc is the place to go for some chops and affordable tasty pizza

They deliver but you can also pickup from their location in Mogadishu Market, Asokoro.

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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