Cafes In Abuja To Checkout


Abuja is home to a lot of cafes. Today we’ll be looking at a few of them. Please tap on the tagged handle for the addresses of each cafe.

1. Vintagecafeabuja is open 24 hours. They have over 53 types of organic coffee beans and 26 organic teas and the fluffiest pancakes! It’s a great place to work, they have WiFi. One can also network, premium clientele here.

2. Nostacafe is one of our favorites cafes in Abuja! They serve amazing frappes and ice cream. There’s also tasty burgers and pizza from Galaxypizza_abuja in the same location.

Cafes In Abuja To Checkout

3. Thecubecafe is an artsy cafe located in Maitama Amusement park.
This cafe also has WiFi. It’s a cool place to network and meet new people. It’s very expat friendly.

4. Livingroomabj is a little cafe modeled after an actual living room. The decor of this cafe is very cozy. The music playlist here is good, it’s not too loud either. They also have Netflix and WiFi.

Cafes In Abuja To Checkout

5. Cafechocolatabuja is cozy cafe that offers a quiet spot to work, yes they have WiFi. They also serve breakfast and tasty ice cream.

6. Saffron Cafe House43_restaurant
A bougie cafe in Maitama. They’re known to have nice breakfast options. It’s a cool place to work and meet people. There’s definitely something different about the clientele of this cafe, affluent people here.

Cafes In Abuja To Checkout

7. Wellscafebakehouse
A cute cafe in Asokoro that has nice pastries. The last time I stopped by the caramel chocolate cake was a hit. This cafe changes to a different vibe almost like a lounge in the evenings.

8. Pastry Corner hiltonabuja
A lovely floral cafe in Transcorp. Contrary to popular belief the Hilton is not as pricy, you can get coffee or a pot of tea for under N1.5k. This cafe sells roses, a bouquet goes for N25,000, while single roses are N1,500.

9. Pastrybasket is a pretty cafe-like restaurant located in Kado. Their menu is affordable and they offer WiFi.

10. Cafelumiere6
A little floral wall cafe in Asokoro. They serve tasty pastries. It’s usually very quiet and a nice place to work, they have WiFi.

Cafes In Abuja To Checkout

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La Taverna, Abuja

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