Coal City SeaFood Review


What I ordered VS What I got.

Coal City SeaFood Review

First let me say this, the fact that you went to a restaurant and had a good experience and I go to the same restaurant and I have a bad experience, doesn’t change the fact that I had a bad experience. Before I go to a restaurant I read reviews, I check their page, I read comments, I ask people, I don’t just go, I research before I go and if I see some bad reviews about the restaurant, I still like to give the benefit of doubt and go myself and I didn’t just go alone this time, I had another food critic with me and 1 person that is a lover of good food. Pls You can drop your thoughts and your experience under the comment section but don’t force me to accept your view, thank you.

Now to this one,

Coal City SeaFood Review

How do you want to explain to me that the first slide is the same as the second slide, and they are both ASSORTED OHA SOUP, abi eye dey pain me ni and to think I fell in love with Coal_city_seafood just from how appetizing the soups looked on their page only to experience a downgraded version.

First, for Enugu standard, it’s over priced, then ontop of that, the oha no con enta, shrimps were so tiny, kpomo was tiny, had 1 meat & 1 towel inside with stock fish with strong akpu for 4k ? and what’s the response I get after laying my complaint,
“Oh I get,first picture was made with offor powder while yours was made with cocoyam” “Expect something better next time” and you really think people have time to give you a second chance after a not so nice experience, well, maybe only in Enugu and I know for a fact that both offor powder & cocoyam powder are used as thickeners for soups, so please why was the soup not thick? Is that the reason for the oha not being sweet sef ?

Anyway, Enugu people have money to spend sha.

Review By: Paulkezu


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