Habitat Point Garden


I came across this garden a while back but never really explored until recently. What really caught my eyes were the orange and white huts, very attractive.

Habitat is actually an ultra modern market, they opened fairly recently. Most of the stalls are still empty. To get a shop here starts from 750,000 naira depending on the square meters .

I also came across an Amala joint. I tried their meal and it was really tasty.
I had,

1 wrap of Amala: 200 paired with Gbegiri and ewedu soup.

4 assorted meats: 200 naira each. The meats were soft except the shaki that was a little hard. The meats were also big pieces.

Water: 100.

I enjoyed my amala, I’m even craving it right now ?. Price is really cheap.

This place actually looks beautiful enough for a photo shoot. Lol. Good location for businesses

?This market is located behind Blake’s garden, near the back gate of Garki international market.


Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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