Art Gallery: Anila’s Art Addiction

? 3 Tajudeen Kotun Crescent, JABI, Lifecamp

Opened from 9am-6pm (Mon-Sat) ENTRY is FREE

Anilas_art_addiction is a very beautiful art gallery and studio in Lifecamp. Google map is accurate but the studio itself is in a residential area. Once you get to number 3, you open and gate and voilà! you’re there.

Anila is really one of the sweetest and most talented people I’ve ever met. She gave us a detailed tour around the place, showing us the main gallery, her art class, some art work in some rooms and her outdoor work space.

Some of the art were done by several artists but most were done by her. I was truly in awe with the level of dedication she puts to each and every art work from the coffee tables, to the throw pillows, to the pots, kitchen utensils, souvenirs, paintings etc

She also told us that most of her art are made for us women. She paints the pain, the turmoil, the frustrations we all go through as women which is depicted in Slide 9 and 10 (my favorite paintings). The last slide tells a story that goes from pain and trauma to freedom.

All the art pieces are for sale and most are pretty affordable. The prices are not on display for security reasons. The place is open to both visitors and buyers but you can’t touch any of the art.

This gallery offers art and pottery classes and you can also call your friends and family to enjoy “sip and paint” or private events and so much more. She’s having a pot painting event on the 19th of June! Check her page for more info!

Who’s been to Anila’s Art Addiction? What was your experience like?

Review By: Hotperidot


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