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This grill has been in existence for years but for some unknown reasons, I never “wakad” there until recently.

Barkonogrill is a bar and grill located on Apo/Gudu expressway. As the name suggests they serve mostly grills and at very good prices too. Here are what we had,

1)Long Island 2,200

2)Pineapple spice 2,200

3)Island destination 2,200

4)Tropical punch 1500

5)Air land and sea(platter) 12,000

6)Potter house steak(with potatoes) 6,500

7)Classic burgers 2,500

8)Blazing fries 1,400

9)Jollof rice 1,000

Every dish was a hit especially the air, land and sea platter, my absolute favorite, the portion is enough for 2 to 3 people. The steak was so so juicy. The blazing fries was also very nice. Thier cocktails are definitely on another level especially the “island destination “ very good for “shine ya eyes” Fridays. Prices are great so are presentation and portions. There’s this sauce they call barkono sauce, that particular sauce dey burst brain?.

I liked their customer service as well, the girl that served us was really nice and smiled all through.

This is a place I’ll recommend if you want great steak. Great cocktails as well.

Have you been to Barkonogrill?

?Abiding Grace plaza,Ahmadu Bello Way, Apo-Gudu.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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