Battle of chefs: How To Make Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu)

I know most of you have been following Igboist kitchen contest through this blog, and for those that are asking how they can partake in the contest, well, its still not yet open to everyone as its still basically an online affair.

I will be sharing with you all dishes from two great chefs.. This Igboist Kitchen edition tagged battle of chefs is between Cassandra Chisom Cherry and Constance Chinenye Names. Winners of January edition of Igboist contest. Want to know more about Igboist ktchen contest click here  to view other dishes and contests click here and here

This addition of Igboist kitchen was PROUDLY SPONSORED BY  Mercy Cindy Kalu. and organized by Mmasinachi Jenny Emoka‎.

DISH: ONUGBU SOUP. and as usually i will be sharing their Ingredients and process of Preparations.

Cassandra Chisom Cherry ‘s Submission

cocoyam (ede)
stock fish
dried fish
Bitter leaves
Ground crayfish
Palm oil
Dry pepper
Knorr cube
Salt to taste.

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs

Start by steaming the beef, chicken and stock fish with knorr cube and salt boil till tender.
while the meats are boiling, boil the cocoyam with the skin on. boil till tender, this should take roughly 20 minutes on medium heat.
When they’re soft, peel the skin off,chop them into small chunks in your electric blender, add little water and blend. If you don’t have blender, pound till smooth in a mortar then set aside.
Wash the bitter leaves with hot water to get rid of as much bitterness as you can. There should be almost no hint of bitterness left in the leaves after washing.
When the meats are all soft, add the dried fish, crayfish and ground pepper stir and combine.
Add the palm oil leave to thoroughly combine for 3- 4 minutes.
Add the blended cocoyam into the stock in small dollops. The cocoyam will dissolve and combine for 2-3 minutes.

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs

Then add the ogiri, stir and combine.
Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary.
Then add the washed bitter leaves to cook for 2-3 minutes. Do not over cook your vegetable.
And it’s done. Serve with your preferred swallow.

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs
”Ofe Onugbo” Igboist battle of chefs. Cassandra Chisom Cherry ‘s Submission

Constance Chinenye Names ‘s submission

Ingredients :
Bitter leaf(onugbu)
Palm fruit ( Akwu)
Cow tail (odū añu 

Cow intestines (Afo añu)
Fresh fish(azu frigi 
Stock Fisk (okporoko)
Dry fish (azu okpö)
Crayfish (karafish
Cocoa yam ( edë)
Fresh pepper (öse ndu)
Castor seed (ogiri Igbo)
Knor Cube (maagi)
Salt (nñu)

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs

Preparations :
Wash your bitter leaf and set aside, cook and pound the ede and set aside, cook and sieve the palm fruit and set aside, thoroughly wash your meats, fish and stock fish, then steam together and set aside, wash…salt and roast the fish (optional), pound the pepper, crayfish and ogiri igbo together and set aside.
Place the sieved palm fruit on fire, cover to properly boil, then open and pour the steamed meat and fishes, while it’s boiling, scoop in the pounded pepper, crayfish and ogiri, then add your knor cube and salt, then cover to boil, open and add the roasted fish and as it is boiling, add the ede bit by bit. While it’s cooking, check if it has gotten to your desired thickness, then add the bitter leaf and turn. Leave open and allow to cook a bit. Your yummy Onugbu soup is deliciously ready ?????, served with rice flour. Enjoy

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs



Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs

Be the judge ''Ofe Onugbo'' Igboist battle of chefs
”Ofe Onugbo” Igboist battle of chefs. Constance Chinenye Names ‘s submission

Well, You have seen it. Who do you think deserve to be our chief chef among these two great chefs?

Share your opinion via the comment box below.

33 thoughts on “Battle of chefs: How To Make Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu)

  • Jennifer

    I am such a bad cook, but for some reason I really LOVE watching cooking shows. There is so much to learn. 🙂

  • I’m regretting reading this on an empty stomach. Both look delicious but my favorite is Constance’s dish.

  • I’m not so sure how cow intestines taste. However I would definitely try both of these as I always like to try new things.

  • I am not perfect cook but I will try with these because I love to try different dishes

  • These all sound so exotic and ‘out there’ for me that I’m not sure I’d be able to tell at all who won without tasting it. Seems like such rich and decadent comfort food… I’d gladly be the guinea pig!

  • I have not tried Nigerian dishes yet but I am interested to try. Learning of a new culture is always best done by sampling their food!

  • Komal

    Well this looks Devine! Get in my belly. Huge fan of Asian food.

  • It looks like a great mix of flavours, not sure if I would like it or not but would give it a try! I would have to say the second chef just based on the looks, only taste could define them better!

  • Asian food is amazing! My husband and I love going to asisan resturants. I’ve tried cooking asian but it always turns out wrong LOL!! I do like the look of these dishes, woul definitely try!

  • I really like what you created. It is not something I have tried before or even considered, but like one of the commenters above mentioned, I really love watching cooking shows and watching people create.

    FB Name: Addie Cotoure

  • Looks incredible! Full of flavor and color just how I like to eat my food. Yum! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • These dishes are so different from I’m used to eating, that being said I am a seeker of variety. I’d love to try all of them

  • I’m gearing towards the Chisom Cherry. I haven’t tried any of these dishes but they both look lovely and seem to go great with rice.

  • Oh these all sound amazing and they look delicious too! I love how much flavour jumps off the page!

  • I have never had dishes like this before, they look very interesting, particularly the dried fish, which I imagine would be really tasty when steamed.

  • both of those look like they’re packed with flavor, I would Love to do a taste test ; )
    I might have to do a cooking challenge with some of my friends, seems like it would be fun!

  • This looks like a fun and tasty competition. I’m going with Cassandra’s dish based on the end result. The color draws me in and the sauce looks good.

  • Pictures are not enough! I want a formal invitation at your place and taste both preparations! That’s how true cook judges do, isn’t it? 😉

  • I’m a fan of food full of various flavors. The food looks tasty packed with flavors. I would love to taste them, especially the first one ONUGBU SOUP.

  • Cooking shows are always fun to watch! I am so addicted to all the Gordon Ramsay challenges.

  • I have never heard of cow tail and cow intestines in any dish but I would like to know how does it taste. I love cooking contests as you come to know about different styles of cooking, cuisines and tastes. 🙂

  • I will go with Constance’s soup.Her choice of meat and fish is thoughtful and great for the soup. She sure prepared it like those our grandmamas in the villa their soups are forever incomparable with any other and we say they have magic fingers.
    For the record, I will eat the two soups.That is how much I love onugbu soup.

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