Red Chinese Restaurant, Lagos

Red Chinese restaurant is a Chinese and exquisite restaurant located inside Eko hotels and suites in Victoria Island.

The ambiance is quite cozy as it has an ocean view.
Quite a nice place to take pictures, the natural light from the ocean view will lit up any device you use for your photos.

Red Chinese Restaurant, Lagos

The chair’s colors are bright so I won’t advise you to wear bright outfits.

The restaurant is perfect for fancy dates, also hangouts with a few friends, corporate birthday parties, and maybe a proposal ?.

I will advise you to go in first to order before taking your pictures, to avoid embarrassment probably they are used to people going in to take pictures without ordering anything ?.

Red Chinese Restaurant, Lagos

They also have times you can place an order (12-3 pm and 6 pm-10 pm). If you come in between the chefs to make your order won’t be available.

Customer service 8/10, they will even go the extra mile to get you what they don’t have on their menu in other restaurants around just to satisfy you.

The food is well priced (I was expecting it to be very pricey because of its location). The portions of meals compared to the price is okay, you might not even finish it, one restaurant I had leftover to take out in a long time.

Red Chinese Restaurant, Lagos

The meals were very delicious; the Spring rolls filled with mayonnaise and prawns are made to perfection ?. The chef made all my orders with love because that’s the only explanation for how tasty they were ?.

Also, I love they give prawn crackers to snack on before your meals are served. Restaurants that always give complimentary snacks have a special place in my heart.


Red Chinese Restaurant, Lagos

What I had:
Sweet corn and chicken soup 3500
Deep-Fried prawn spring rolls 3600
Stir-Fried Chicken with Sweet Spicy Sauce 6500
Chicken Fried Rice 4000
Stir-Fried Noodle with Chicken 4000
Chapman 2000
Virgin Mojito 4000

Red Chinese Restaurant, Lagos

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