Best Foods to Eat in India

India is a country famous for its food; it is a country that food bloggers and foodies in general always respect and love for its mind-blowing cuisines. Well, today, am going to be talking about those mind-blowing cuisines as I tell you about the very best foods to eat in India.

You might wanna visit the country after seeing these foods though; by the way, are you aware that most Indian foods are vegan based as the major religion Hinduism frowns on eating meat.

So, the best foods to eat in India are:

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

The much-loved street food, Chole Bhature packs a mean caloric punch. As a combination of spicy chickpeas and huge deep-fried flour-based bread, it is as indulgent as it is delicious. Usually served with onions, green chutney, and pickle, it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. They serve it at parties or festivals and trust me, it is truly one of the best foods to eat in India.


pani puri

This food originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh but is now relished pretty much all across the country. This isn’t just one food item, but rather the collective term used for a family of savoury snacks that they all cherish. Street food at its best – Chaat is spicy, messy, sometimes of dubious hygiene standards, yet irresistible.

The options are endless: 1) Aloo Chaat – small and crispy chunks of fried potato served with chutney. 2) Aloo Tikkimy favourite – mashed potato cutlets served with tamarind and mint chutney. 3) Bhelpuri – made with puffed rice, vegetables, and spices tossed in a tangy tamarind sauce, or. 4) The very popular Panipuri or Gol-gappa as it is known in the North. Moreover, even if you are a bit wary of the ‘Delhi-belly’, do not under any circumstances give trying our Chaat a miss; just stick to well-known restaurant chains such as Haldirams or Bikanerwala, and you’ll be just fine and happy that you tried out one of the best foods to eat in India.


Makki ki Roti & Sarson ka Saag


It is a very popular winter meal in most Punjabi homes (Punjabi = people from the northern Indian state of Punjab), this is one of my personal favourites. My idea of a perfect winter afternoon lunch would include Sarson ka Saag – a vegetable curry made from mustard leaves and spices, Makki Roti – Indian flatbread made from maize flour, and a glass of lassi, cold spiced buttermilk to wash it all down. It is truly worthy of mention on the list of best foods to eat in India


Vada Pav

vada pav

Made with mashed potato and onion, deep-fried in chickpea flour (besan), the vada is eaten with a pav (a type of bread) and is considered the staple diet of people in Maharashtra. This humble food is not only cheap but also available in streets and Indian fast food joints. It is usually eaten with dry garlic and sweet-sour chutneys and deserves its title of being one of the best foods to eat in India.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

It is one of the proudest members of the Punjabi cuisine is definitely the delicious butter chicken. Largely tomato-based, this curry is cooked with chicken marinated in yoghurt and lots of butter. Although not very spicy, this is a rich Indian food dish that would definitely satisfy your palette and consistently bags its position as one of the best foods to eat in India.



Biryani is an aromatic rice dish that is cooked with vegetables or marinated chicken or mutton. You will find different varieties of biryanis in each part of the country, making it one of the most popular Indian dishes. Some of the most commonly available biryani dishes include the Kerala Malabar chicken biryani, Hyderabadi mutton biryani, etc.

Rajasthani Laal Maas


There’s a ton of delicious food that hails from the royal state of Rajasthan, from the exotic Ker Sangri (a vegetable medley of berries and dried beans made with yoghurt and spices) to the Gatte ki Subzi (tiny chunks of gram flour in a spicy yoghurt broth). But my favourite meat dish is the sizzling spicy mutton gravy of Laal Maas, the literal translation of which is red meat, a dish that truly embodies one of the best foods to eat in India.


Khandvi is a light savoury snack made by rolling up thin gram flour and curd crepes, seasoned with mustard and sesame seeds. Dhokla is made by steaming a fermented mixture of rice, chickpeas and spices. Both are super healthy (no frying involved) and extremely versatile. Eat it alongside a meal or as a snack by itself, but do not forget to accompany it with the two ubiquitous Indian chutneys: tamarind and mint-coriander. These are favourites in the state of Gujarat.


Even though momos are believed to have originated in Nepal, they’re widely popular in India. Little balls of meaty goodness, what’s not to love? They’re basically dumplings made with flour, stuffed with a filling of your choice – chicken, mutton, pork, beef, and usual cabbage for vegetarians.

You’ll find momos everywhere in India – on portable carts, street food stalls in markets, restaurants, etc.  Both steamed and fried versions are available, but the steamed ones are much better. Go easy on the accompanying red chilli sauce because if you’re not careful, you’ll soon have a fire raging on your tongue and tears streaming down your face.

Other than that, its one of the best foods to eat in India


Another delicacy from South India made from fermented rice batter; Appams are fluffy, airy pancakes that I absolutely love. It is eaten with a subtly flavoured vegetarian or chicken stew, made from a symphony of fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, and creamy coconut milk. This is a delight from Kerala that will completely win your tastebuds over and deserves its place as one of the best foods to eat in India

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Written By: William Nwokoji



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