Brook Lounge

Brook Lounge
?Tropic Galleria, beside Grandsquare, opposite Fraiser Suites, Central Area, Abuja, Nigeria.

Got hosted to a private dinner/food tasting by @dipo_smart at @brookloungeabuja and it was such an amazing experience

First slide_ chicken milanias
This was actually my favorite meal of the day. It’s deep fried, chicken breast served with pickles. I rarely eat chicken Brest because it’s never sweet on the inside but this was perfect.

second slide_ chicken corn soup
This was a starter. It was served with bread. I would have preferred the soup came with bread buns though cos I feel bread buns go better with soup (even though I’m not a soup person) but I still loved the bread regardless. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

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