Sequence Lounge Abuja

Got invited for a food tasting at Sequence Lounge with @seeabuja and @abujafoodplug hosted by @waka_waka_nnenna
We had a really fun time trying out these delicious meals and admiring the ambience of the space.

The food here is really good, we didn’t have any issues with any of the meals. My favorite meal would be the Whole Grilled Croaker Fish and the Sequence Special Fried Rice. The fish didn’t taste like your regular garden/bush bar grilled fish, it was well marinated and seasoned. The special fried rice had assorted protein in it like shrimps, beef, chicken and it was definitely everyone’s favorite. ⁣
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I was really impressed by the service too, we were well taken care of although it’s a food tasting you expect them to be at their best but you can tell they are really pleasant here and readily available. ⁣

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It’s not as affordable as your regular restaurant but I believe you would get value for your money because of the quality of meals, service and comfort. So take enough cash with you when you are going lol.⁣

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Sequence lounge just opened and I’ll recommend this place to chill, eat and party. It’s an all in one spot ? ⁣

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Beef Kebab with Mashed Potato – 9,500⁣
Grilled Lamb with Sauté Potato – 9,500⁣
Sequence Special Fried Rice – 6,500⁣
Whole Grilled Croaker Fish with chips – 12,500⁣
Curry Chicken – 4,000⁣




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