Wells Cafe & Bakehouse

On this very sunny morning, I had an interesting breakfast experience at Wells Cafe & Bakehouse.

I have had this picture in my gallery for quite sometime because I didn’t really know how to go about my review but here it goes!

First of all, I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t mix and match at first, it took being persistent to have what I ordered. For example, I asked for the price of sausage and i was told it was 3,500 and I asked the waiter why he had to give me the price of a whole platter on the menu and he said that was what was on the system. I feel there should be options for sides for people who want to mix and match. That was the same price he gave me for eggs, but how much is a crate of egg now ?

Finally my order was sorted, thanks to the intervention of another guy who works there, he consulted the chef and they pegged the price for the sausages and eggs at 2,000.

Secondly, I don’t like the fact that after placing orders, the waiter has to come all the way upstairs to serve you. Like whenever I had to request for something, I had to either walk down or wait for the waiter to come back up. There wasn’t anyone stationary. It was not convenient for me at all.

I ordered for black tea to go with my meal and I didn’t get any cream or sugar, when I asked I was told it’s because I said black tea not English breakfast tea ? and I was like “but Sir, there is no English breakfast tea on your menu now, it’s black tea” I had to wait again for him to go back down and get cream and sugar ??‍♀️

The meal was actually good, the croissant was more of air than bread but I enjoyed it still, it tasted good. I liked the pastries I saw especially the cakes and the bread, they looked so yummy, I would definitely want to try some.

The environment is very serene and warm, I enjoyed how peaceful it was.

In summary, Wells Cafe & BakeHouse has the potential to be really top notch if they could improve on their service, the little things matter the most. I wouldn’t want to completely judge from my first experience so I’ll be revisiting.


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