10 Restaurants and dishes To Try In Abuja

As foodies there are certain dishes in restaurants that leave such a lasting impression on you that you keep thinking about them. And maybe it’s longthroat too but nevertheless below are 10 dishes at 10 different restaurants that I recommend that you try ?

November Cubes Restaurant Abuja

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10. Ofada Rice & Sauce, Plantain N1,950 at Novembercubes

9. Butter Garlic Prawns N4,900 at Curry_leaves18

8. Diced Chicken in Black Bean N2,500 at Bocadosquickeats

7. Tagliatelle & Shrimps Pasta N5,500 at Bulgaria_mf

6. Abacha N800 at Oobodo_abj

5. Spicy Beef Pizza N3,000 at Whitneys_fnc

4. Lamb Roganjosh N4000 at Puzzosrestaurant

3. Carrot Cake N2,000 at Cleverkitchenng

2. Lemon Grass Marinated Tiger Prawn N12,000 Hong Kong fried Rice (side) at Merakirestaurantandlounge

1. Crispy Onion rings N1,600 at Cantinasinclair

Obodo Restaurant, Mararaba

Have you tried any of these dishes or been to any of these restaurants? What other dishes at restaurants do you recommend?

All listed restaurants have been previously reviewed, kindly scroll through the page or ask your questions below.

Written By Abuja Lifestyle

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