MJs Cookhouse Abuja


MJs Cookhouse Abuja

We had the pleasure of trying some delicious food from Chef MJ Mjscookhouse today. Mjscookhouse is a food vendor that offers premium catering and tasty platters!

We were sent one of their customized seafood gift box platters! The first thing that came to mind was woah this is huge! The pictures don’t showcase the size, it was heavy too! Love how it was packaged, it looked like a gift. The platter came with:

MJs Cookhouse Abuja

1 Whole Grilled Fish
3 King Prawns
6 Clams
1 Jumbo Lobster
2 Whole Crab
8 Sweet Corn
Sauté Vegetables
2 Grilled Sausage
2 Boiled Eggs
1 Sauté Potatoes
1 Party Jollof
3 Dipping sauce

MJs Cookhouse Abuja

Everything was packed in a lovely gift box and came with a hand written note. It was delicious! It cost 37,000. What I especially loved in this platter was the whole grilled fish, the sauté potatoes and the vegetables! Loved the seafood paired with the sweet dipping sauce. The chilli sauce was also good, would have like it more fresh and spicer. Definitely wanted more sauce, I’ll be sure to request for it next time. Also loved the sweet corn, paired so well with everything.

MJs Cookhouse Abuja

I absolutely loved the box, cleaned mouth and balanced after sef. Almost didn’t share with anyone but we’re not stingy over here ?. The food was a lot though, way too much for one person.

Mjscookhouse offers Outdoor event catering,
Gift boxes, Breakfast platters, Food trays, Lunch Packs, Grills and SmallChops. Swipe to see some of their other boxes, the price list and a giveaway!

The weekend is already upon us, do check out Mjscookhouse. Be sure to order the seafood platter, share with your family or bae. Don’t miss out on the giveaway either.

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