Chai Tang Restaurant Lekki, Lagos

Chai Tang located in Lekki, Lagos is a very beautiful restaurant with a nice ambiance. I love restaurants with natural lights, also with an ocean view.

Sincerely going to this restaurant, I had it in mind that the food will be very pricey but it was quite affordable than I thought.

Customer service is great, They have a “no mask no entry rule” as they should, but I didn’t want to wear one because it would ruin my makeup 😩, however, I was talked into it in a very polite manner. The waiter even offered to take my pictures voluntarily 🤣.

One other thing for me is the music playing in the background. I thought there was a pianist in the building, it indeed felt like someone was playing live.

Budget: 20k-30k for 2-3 people

written By: Faithreviews


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