Panarottis Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

Panarottis Restaurant is an Italian restaurant, it has three branches in Lagos; Sangotedo, Lekki, and Ikeja. For this post, I will review one in Lekki phase 1.

Let’s do it this way, I will be talking about the branch in Lekki (Admiralty way) and Novare Mall (Sangotedo) the branch in Ikeja is relatively new and I haven’t been there yet.

Panarottis Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

If I had done this review in 2017/2018, the Sangotedo branch would have gotten a 10/10 recommendation.

They had the best customer service, the best management, the best pizza and pasta hands down! I legit leave my office and go all the way there to have lunch. It was extremely value for your money!
I was there so many times that I even have a fav waiter that attends to me all the time ?

Sincerely I will say the management of the Sangotedo branch has dropped from 100% to 20%
Staff are no longer friendly or nice to you;no enthusiasm. No security, anyone could walk in.

Panarottis Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

A not so well kept Boy walked in from the second entrance and sat at my table Begging for alms, and he walked out of the main entrance with no query or question from any staff nothing, he could have well been a thief or something??

I have gone there three times recently to see if things have gone back to normal but it’s still the same?

There was a time I went there, there was no pasta, no milkshake, no pack for pizza (using white foam takeaway pack). My experience was a terrible one. I still wonder why they are open.

For the lekki branch, I will recommend this location for anyone that wants to try the restaurant out. The pasta and pizza are so yummy! Although the pasta portion has reduced in quantity.

Panarottis Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

Customer service 7/10, everyone is on their toes to serve you, also check if you need anything or you are enjoying your meals.

The ambiance at Lekki is well spacious, ideal for casual birthday parties, casual dates, brunch with friends, and after Sunday service lunch.

Overall is a nice and cozy place to eat, it is obviously not fancy but a great place for a good conversations and quick meet ups.


Panarottis Restaurant, Lekki Lagos

What I had:
Spaghetti and meatballs 2600
Standard Pizza (chicken mayo) 3800
Spur Platter 12500
Milkshake 1500
Water 300
Tax exclusive

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